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Our Privacy Policy

When you engage with Rockton Connect, we may collect information from you and store it in our systems. Our goal in collecting this information is to engage in mutually beneficial communication with you. Like everyone we meet in life, we strive to be respectful and carry the attitude of doing the right thing. With the onset of GDPR in the European Union, there has been a movement to make sure people consciously opt-in to engaging with businesses like ours, in a non-defaulting way. We will strive to always work towards this goal, and we also believe people can understand basic human communication: when you give your contact information to a company because you expressed interest in them, they will likely contact you with that information. If you engage with us and share your contact information with us, we intend to communicate back to you. This is how business works. We expect you, when sharing your contact information with us, to also be proactive in letting us know if you don’t wish to be contacted using the information you shared.


We collect basic contact information about you, with a focus on your role with us in a business relationship. Name, Company Name, Job Role or Title, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are what we seek. Our goal is to find contact information to reach you at work, in a manner you prefer. We do not actively seek or store information at a personal level, such as home addresses or phone numbers, unless there is a clear reason for us to have it. For instance, we have sent personal gifts to people’s home addresses, so we had to collect their personal home address. This is atypical but could happen. Of course, we generally have a deeper relationship with people for whom we collect more personal information, and they are always aware of why we may ask for such information. We do not seek personal information about people outside of their business or work functions that have potential business opportunity for Rockton Connect.


Anyone who works for Rockton Connect.


Through websites, webinars, trade shows, phone conversations, e-mail communications, and other common business communications. Occasionally, we use third-party vendors to clean up our contact information to verify current business addresses and receive Industry Codes (like SIC or NAIC codes) for statistical or target marketing purposes. We do not “buy lists” from vendors with the intent to spam people. Our use of third parties is limited to verifying existing contacts we have. Industry Codes help us limit our communications to those who may have interest in specific products or services we offer.


We use an industry-standard private hosting company to house the servers that store our CRM and business software databases. We take the security of our data seriously, as it houses our entire business functionality. Furthermore, we do not store our systems in “the cloud”. Our data is stored on servers in Denver, Colorado, USA.


To contact you in business-related correspondence.


In general, no one outside of employees of Rockton Connect. Occasionally, we have done blind mailings and e-mailing with other select partners in our specific software industry channel. Our goal is to share mutually beneficial information with others. For example, GP Optimizer is an industry e-magazine that provides immense value for our channel. We publish this magazine and let others distribute it. No contact information is shared with others, but if you receive the emagazine through another partner and respond to a Rockton Connect advertisement in it, your information is then shared with us and we collect it. This is a common-sense method for us to reach new potential customers and invite them to engage with us.


We have multiple ways to opt-out with us if our communication is ever unwanted. Contact us in whatever method works for you, and we will honor your request to stop communications to you. We have a strong positive reputation in our industry channel, because we honor what people want and ask of us. We have high integrity and use common sense in reaching out to people or dis-engaging with them if they so request.


Yes, we do. It is unnecessary bureaucracy needed for those companies who don’t act ethically and use common respect in their business practices. It’s created a burden for those of us who choose and have always chosen doing the right thing and treating everyone with respect. We doubt GDPR will have much impact on our electronic world, much like the CAN SPAM failure in the United States. But because we believe in following the law, and a few of our customers live in the European Union, we feel compelled to do our best to comply. If you feel we could improve or do better, we’d love to hear from you.

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