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Medical Device & Equipment Manufacturing

Medical Device and Manufacturing Hero


Medical Equipment Management

Streamline your current workflow and improve patient care with the use and customization of Rockton Connect products. Our systems and processes optimize your logistical management system(s) in an easy to use, easy to implement, timely, and innovative manner.

Medical logistics


Medical Distribution

The financial distribution software component of our solution is designed to make the distribution process more efficient and cost-effective. It allows healthcare providers to easily track and manage their inventory, as well as process financial transactions with insurance companies and other financial organizations.

Allocation Resources


Overcome any obstacles you may be facing

Our company offers managed services for medical equipment through the use of our cloud-based platform. This platform handles the repair, storage, and logistics of the equipment, ensuring it is delivered to where it is needed in a timely manner. Our one-stop solution is leading the way in the management of medical equipment in the healthcare industry.

Medical Solutions


Improve your medical distribution and supply chain processes

Providing cost savings and a smoother experience for OEMs, HMEs, LTACs, and other healthcare providers. With access to medical equipment supply chain data through our platform, customers can efficiently manage their critical equipment and save time and money.

Material management system

We are a complete solution for improving your work and patient care. Learn more and see the difference it can make for your practice.

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