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You’d think more than 20 years in ERP would make a person grumpy, but not around here! It’s quite the opposite. If technology had a personality, it would be Rockton Connect.

If you don’t know us yet, just come see us at any Acumatica event and you’ll find out we like to have fun with what we do. It’s easy when you are surrounded by the best people, the best product and the best community in ERP.

That said, the one thing we do take very seriously is your trust in us and our responsibility to deliver on time, on budget and beyond expectations.

Mark Rockwell

Mark Rockwell

Passionate Visionary / Singer Extraordinaire (so he thinks) / Office Handyman

Mark is actually the founder and President of Rockton Software, as well as the lead software architect and designer. After years in the Microsoft Dynamics channel customizing Great Plains, Mark ventured out on his own in 1999, and Rockton Software officially planted its roots.

Surprising to some, but not to those who know him well, Mark holds a BS in Mathematics and a BFA in Theatre. This odd combination explains a lot, really. He is equally happy developing software as he is singing about Rockton pride in front of anyone who will listen. And the over-the-top trade show booths you’ve seen? Now you know why.

Mark’s passion is connecting with people and finding ways to make a difference. He aims to inspire others, enjoys volunteering and is always thinking of creative ideas to solve problems. If he had his wish, he’d be right where he is now, except he’d be a professional actor on the side. After all, his classmates did vote him “Mot likely to succeed” in junior high. He’s still not sure if that was “Most” or “Not” but he’s finally put it behind him.

Mark is happily married to Kelli Sexton, Rockton’s CEO & VP. If you’re crafty, you might have figured out that Rockton is a merger of their two last names. They have four amazing children who lovingly consume most of Rockton’s profit.

Kelli Sexton

Kelli Sexton

Premier Cat Herder / Super Mom / Employee Cheerleader

As Rockton’s CEO and Vice President, Kelli’s favorite role is supporting the amazing employees who are like family. Well, Mark actually is family, but everyone else is really close. She holds a B.A. in Psychology, with a minor in business, which helps her understand people both personally and professionally.

Kelli’s management background and big picture thinking serves Rockton well. She’s tenacious, yet practical, and plays a major role in the company’s strategic planning and marketing. Her mad planning skills also get put to good use when she organizes the annual employee retreat, where all this hard work is rewarded with some good old-fashioned fun.

Balancing work and family is important to Kelli, and she manages to juggle four busy kids and her commitment to Rockton without blinking (most days). In fact, her favorite superhero is Elastigirl from The Incredibles which is so fitting. She believes in valuing people for who they are and teaches her children to do the same.

Kelli is a huge public radio fan, avid reader and couldn’t live without her daily walks. And don’t tell Mark, but she secretly wants to own a small farm complete with her own pigmy goats!

Jenn Schoemer

Jenn Schoemer

Scrum Master / Wannabe Hippie / Rockton Rock Star

Here at Rockton, Jenn holds about 100 different titles on any given day. She’s a project manager, agility coach, scrum master, product development manager and keeper of the ducks in a row. She might be a self-proclaimed control freak, but her peers say she is one of the most approachable, knowledgeable and helpful go-to sources for…well…anything.

Jenn earned her BA with a focus in HR and previously worked for Microsoft. Her list of professional credentials spans a mile, including certifications in Agile Facilitation, Agile Coaching and Scrum. She’s also a Certified Microsoft Product Specialist and Microsoft Certified Business Management Specialist in Microsoft Dynamics GP, GP Financials and CRM. Let’s just say she is super qualified and call it a day.

When she’s not supporting her Rockton family, Jenn enjoys spending down time with her husband and raising three kind and compassionate children. Her passion is to add value to those around her and she loves hearing how Rockton has improved the lives of customers.

This John Lennon and Jimmy Buffet fan says if she weren’t doing this, she’d want to be a beach bum rock star who works for the Peace Corps. Rock on, Jenn.

Sheila Ochoa

Sheila Ochoa

Habitual Helper / Mom-to-all / MacGyver

If more than 30 years of software experience isn’t impressive enough, Sheila also brings decades of specialized project management, training, accounting and inventory expertise to her role as a Technical Sales Team Lead. Add her certifications and several hours of Management Information Systems courses and there isn’t much she hasn’t supported, configured, installed or taught in her career with the government, Microsoft and Rockton.

Though her title has the s-word, Sheila isn’t about high-pressure sales at all. On the phone or on site, she’s a listener and excels at finding solutions for a wide range of business challenges. And then she just sticks around forever, in the best of ways, to make sure every client is getting what they need from their software, and from Rockton. She assists with implementations and support calls too because she seriously can’t stop helping people. It might be a sickness.

Sheila joined Rockton because of the way they value and celebrate their employee family and gives back to the company in many ways. When she isn’t working with clients, she’s helping colleagues through internal implementations, brainstorming ideas to improve processes, writing blogs or KB articles, or anything else she can do to make the company even more awesome.

Known for being a persistent and tenacious problem solver, Sheila helped her husband turn his talent for cooking into a business venture to sell and market his spices and sauces. She is always volunteering and caring for others, especially as mom, stepmom and foster mom to her happily blended family of kidsand beloved golden retrievers. Though she wanted to be a nurse or police officer (and actually made it into the police academy), we are all glad she chose to help people through technology.

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