Choosing the right ERP system is one of the best investments you can make to grow your business. When it comes to the cannabis industry, most industry software has a large focus on compliance, but doesn’t make your operations run more efficiently. With Acumatica, you get both. Cultivating a successful, scalable cannabis business requires flexibility, data, and modern technology. Acumatica ERP is built for the cannabis industry, and will help you accelerate growth with automation processes while also meeting the strict compliance requirements of the industry. 

Compliance Simplified

Acumatica ERP has a comprehensive set of tools built-in specifically for the cannabis industry. One of the most complicated aspects of the cannabis industry is managing compliance requirements. Acumatica ERP can track THC content and unlimited data points throughout the production process. Compliance documentation can be automatically generated and integrated with state compliance systems like BioTrackTHC and METRC. This will help avoid manual data entry errors and decrease the possibility of surprise audits.

Workflow Optimization

An automated process can help improve efficiency and profitability. With Acumatica ERP, all the business management software you need, including accounting, sales, manufacturing, inventory, and customer relationship management are included. Streamlined order tracking, inventory, and packaging will keep you ahead of demand. You can easily manage customer and supplier relationships with up-to-date customer information from marketing, sales, delivery, and post-sale support. The Acumatica B2B Portal enables you to provide 24/7 sales and customer support.

Unlimited Users, Service, and Support

Does the word unlimited seem too good to be true? At Rockton Connect, we don’t think you should settle for anything less, which is why we believe Acumatica is the best cannabis ERP system. Acumatica stands out from other ERPs by letting you pay one monthly price for unlimited users, which can make a huge financial difference to a growing business. Rockton Connect is passionate about ERP, which is why we offer unlimited support for one monthly price to every user in your company. Unlimited Users + Unlimited Support means you’ll be able to get answers to all your questions (no matter how many). Rockton Connect’s all-inclusive, one monthly price also includes full onboarding and a generous amount of service hours for consulting or training.

Choosing an ERP Partner

When you’re ready to implement Acumatica ERP into your cannabis business, make sure you consider how an ERP partner will support you, from beginning to end. Moving to a new ERP system can be very challenging, but with the right partner it can help you achieve your end goals faster. At Rockton Connect, our customers can expect us to bring a lot more than technology to the table. We think ERP support should be painless, stress-free and most importantly, unlimited. We know our all-inclusive monthly price is uncommon, which is why we would love to chat about it! Give us a call at 877-4-ROCKTON or send us a message and we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, learn more about our expert team here!

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