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Inventory Management Made Simpler

Filtering through hundreds (if not thousands) of rows and product quantities to manage your inventory can be mind-numbing. You’re left thinking “there must be a better way of doing this.” Well, there is… One of our favorite parts in watching an ERP system radically...

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The Magic of Visibility

Do you remember the days when CRM first came on the scene? The concept of CRM was a way to monitor sales activity, sales funnels, follow-ups, communications, and support cases. It was the one-stop-shop and seemed to be the solution everyone had been waiting for. It...

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Pricing Fears

In educating growing businesses, I find most people moving off of QuickBooks experience significant sticker shock when they consider their next ERP system.  There are two levels of shock, the extreme price difference between QuickBooks and a “real” ERP system, and...

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Is Your Accounting System Keeping Up?

Growing is a good thing! But it is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, it takes learning, it takes success and failure.  When your company was small, a basic accounting system met your needs. But once you start thinking about managing and tracking inventory,...

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Manual Processes Got You Stuck?

Living in CO or ND snow (and lots of it) is inevitable in the Winter. Also, an inevitable reality to any growing small business is the day you realize that pushing paper not only kills trees, it’s killing morale.  And once you learn Sandra, who’s been with you since...

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What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

What better way to make your work simple and easy than helping you plan your Summer by sharing the Rockton Summertime Favorites. After all, we do spend most of the year focusing on business success. I think it is time for us to help you focus on your life success, right?

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The Acumatica Launch of RPM

If you know the Rockton Software team at all, you know we like to have fun at events. And Acumatica Summit 2019 was an amazing time! In true Rockton style, we thought why not make it a party? There’s nothing we love more than the chance to visit with old and new...

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