Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

The flexible ERP solution manufacturers can build to fit.
Because we know you like to build things.

If you’re looking for a cloud manufacturing ERP solution that already speaks your language, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition should top your list. This all-in-one, scalable powerhouse is designed to help today’s manufacturer streamline the entire supply chain, accelerate time to market and uncover new ways to innovate and compete.

Manufacturing is a moving target full of surprises. Acumatica excels at helping you gain complete control of your business on all levels. It’s ERP on your terms. You can automate, integrate and simplify operations in a way that makes sense. You can quickly adapt your systems and business to keep up with the global demands of your market, competitors and customers—without the hefty price tag and limitations of other ERP systems.

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Why is Acumatica the best manufacturing ERP software?

  • Fully integrate your business and applications
  • Easily add functionality as you grow and evolve
  • Meet schedules and customer expectations
  • Optimize and manage real-time inventory
  • Control, track and analyze your true costs
  • Save money with UNLIMITED users
  • Get a single version of the truth
  • Streamline multiple warehouses with a built-in WMS
  • Provide 24×7 mobile access to your workforce
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The right-fit ERP for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is designed to help you manage everything you need in one scalable solution, while keeping things simple and flexible so you are investing in technology designed to adapt and grow with you.   

manufacturing erp software advanced inventory

Advanced Inventory

Optimize your inventory across warehouses with real-time access and proactive alerts.

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Bill of Materials & Routing

This is the framework for your planning on a single screen with inventory, processes, costs and full revision control.

manufacturing erp software production management

Production Management

Track all phases of production including materials, labor costs and schedules as well your actual costs for each order.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Maintain optimal inventory levels, meet and forecast customer demands and create orders in one spot.

Product Configurator

Simplify complex product manufacturing with this powerful tool that maximizes your quote-to-order performance.


Fast, accurate estimates = happy customers. Easily convert estimates to a BOM or order and save tons of time.

Advanced Financials

Integrating accounting will help you accurately track, forecast, analyze and control your costs and pricing.

Order Management

From sales to purchasing to fulfillment, you can track the entire order lifecycle for internal and external clients.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Keep customers happy with accurate, reliable delivery dates based on real-time inventory and resource availability.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Don’t purchase a costly third-party WMS. With Acumatica, you can optimize and run your warehouses with one system. 

Customer Self Service Portal

Manage customers, vendors and suppliers through their entire journey with you to improve sales and relationships.

Business Intelligence and Role-Based Dashboards

Leverage data from Acumatica and external sources for a 360-view of your business at a glance.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is ideal for a wide range of industries and manufacturing models, including:

  • Make-to-stock manufacturing
  • Make-to-order manufacturing
  • Engineer-to-order manufacturing
  • Project-centric manufacturing
  • Job shop manufacturing
  • Batch manufacturing
  • Repetitive manufacturing

More Advantages of Acumatica Cloud ERP for Manufacturers

UNLIMITED users for the same monthly price


24x7 access from any mobile device or web browser

Easily add and integrate extended functionality and applications

Why choose Rockton Connect as your Manufacturing ERP Partner?

Like you, our mission is to build valuable products and solutions for our customers. We’ve been at it for a couple of decades now and have learned what manufacturers really want from their technology investment. Plus, what other partner includes onboarding, service hours and UNLIMITED support for one predictable monthly price? 

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Let us know which features you are most excited about and we will tailor your demo just for you and your team.

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