Acumatica ERP Pricing & Licensing

Unlimited Users. One Monthly Price.   

celebrating Acumatica ERP Pricing & Licensing

Should you pay for what you don’t even use? We don’t think so. With Acumatica’s ERP pricing structure, you never have to. It’s just one more way we can help small to mid-sized businesses grow and compete.

Some people don’t believe us when we tell them every employee, customer or supplier can have an Acumatica ERP license for the same price per month.

Every month. Same price. Unlimited users. It’s true.

How does Acumatica Pricing & Licensing work?

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the price you pay for Acumatica licensing is based on three factors:

1. What applications do you need to start with?

Acumatica ERP pricing enables any sized businesses to start with the functionality you need today and add applications as you grow. Maybe you just want to start with Financial Management and Distribution, then add CRM and Service Management down the road. Adding a new subsidiary? Just add Intercompany Accounting when you start to expand. This is the foundation of pricing for your Acumatica system.

2. What type of license do you need?

With Acumatica licensing, you get the power to choose from several options. And don’t worry, we will help you figure out which one is right for your business and budget.

  • SaaS Subscription: You pay an annual subscription fee based on Acumatica ERP pricing and installation and maintenance is handled by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
  • Private Cloud Subscription: You pay an annual fee and can deploy Acumatica on premises or with a hosting provider of your choice.
  • Private Perpetual License: More of a “traditional” licensing option, you can pay a one-time cost for a perpetual license with a recurring annual maintenance fee and install on premises or your favorite hosting provider.
3. What is your projected volume of business transactions and data?

This is what makes Acumatica so unique. Instead of a per-user pricing model, it’s all based on your anticipated business volume and data storage. You can increase or decrease the resources you require whenever you need to so you don’t have to stress about getting it right day one.

What does this all mean for your business?

  • Small businesses aren’t forced into the same pricing as larger businesses that need more functionality or storage.
  • Your ERP is designed to grow with you so you aren’t facing another expensive implementation in a couple of years.
  • What you need is what you actually pay for with an easy way to scale up and down however, whenever you want.
  • Every employee gets to be part of the team which goes a long way in building a happy, loyal workforce.
  • You can even add suppliers and customers for no additional cost because they’re part of your team too.
  • Enjoy accurate pricing on your terms, with no surprises.


And here’s how Rockton Connect adds even MORE value!

One of the many reasons we chose to partner with Acumatica over other ERP solutions is our shared belief that small and mid-sized companies deserve better. We refuse to nickel and dime you to death for every little question or tweak to your system. You won’t get an extra bill from us just because Janice forgot how to create a journal entry. Janice is only human.



Have you noticed we use the word unlimited a lot? That’s the difference you’ll find with Acumatica and Rockton Connect.

Need to get the report just right? We’re on it. Want some time with our consultants for advice and ideas? We’re here for you.

You want systems that are always performing and improving. You want to give your people access to help how and when they need it without worrying about the bills that will follow. You should settle for nothing less.

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Ready to find out what your Acumatica pricing is going to be?

Us too!

As you just learned, Acumatica ERP pricing is unique to your business so the only way to find that magic number is to get in touch with our Rockton Connect team for a quote. At least that part is free, right?

Call us any time at 877-4-ROCKTON, or fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch very soon to answer all your questions.

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