Does your business need an ERP system?

Honest advice from your Acumatica partner.

do I need an erp system

The million-dollar question for a lot of businesses is when is it time to invest in an ERP system? Is it worth the commitment of money, time and resources? Helping you answer these questions is one of the first conversations we will have with you.

We’ll be completely straight with you—there will be challenges and there might be some screaming (in private, of course), but the end result can truly transform your business.

Here are a few ways an ERP system can help grow your business.

Return On Investment

Let’s just get this out of the way first. If this is your first ERP system and you’re moving from QuickBooks or homegrown systems, you may have a bit of sticker shock at first. On the flip side, once you see what your return on investment (ROI) could be, it starts looking a whole lot better.

The value you gain from your investment should far exceed your costs over time. This is why businesses are moving to cloud ERP systems like Acumatica which can substantially reduce your IT and operational costs over time. Plus, you get to a point where the cost of NOT doing anything is far greater than your ERP investment.

Real-Time Visibility

When your data is scattered everywhere and you don’t have real-time, consolidated visibility into your business, you can’t make good decisions. Your ERP system will provide owners, managers and front-line employees all the information they need at their fingertips. You can forecast accurately and uncover ways to save money, expand your services and make measurable improvements.

Make sure your system includes flexible reporting tools, visual dashboards and business intelligence. Another benefit of cloud ERP is that everyone can access this information from anywhere and any device.

Improved Productivity

An ERP system like Acumatica can completely streamline each person’s work day. By using automated workflows and templates, you can eliminate redundant entry and guide employees through daily tasks and communications. Your quote to invoice process can be completely streamlined. Accounting processes take a fraction of the time. All this leads to better and faster customer service too, which we talk about below.

Seamless Integration

We could never discount the value of integration. It is one of the major advantages and reasons companies choose an ERP system. The time wasted by shuffling between systems and tracking down information is huge. The money wasted licensing and maintaining multiple systems is even bigger.

An ERP system enables you to manage your business essentially from ONE system. The best ERP systems like Acumatica also share their APIs so you can easily extend it and integrate with other applications and databases. Imaging all your data centralized, your people connected and your technology working seamlessly together. Sounds good, huh?

Efficient Business Processes

Implementing an ERP system forces you to take a hard look at your existing processes. Where are your bottlenecks? Where can you be faster? Are you wasting time on steps you don’t even need? This is one of the most challenging parts of the implementation process, and one of the most rewarding. The outcomes typically lead to a more efficient, effective way of running your business.

Customer Service And Engagement

Loyal customers are your best asset and an ERP system helps you strengthen those relationships. Acumatica includes an integrated CRM application so you always have a 360° view of your entire customer journey. Sales, marketing and service teams can share information in real time and you can even set up self-service portals for customers.

Specialized / Industry Functionality

ERP systems have come a long way in building in functionality for specific industries, but some still have a long way to go or require a lot of add-ons. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on customizations, look for ERP that fits as closely as possible out of the box.

For example, Acumatica offers several industry editions which could save you a lot of in the long run. Manufacturers, Distributors, Project-based organizations, Commerce and Retail are a few of the industries Acumatica fits extremely well.

Scalable, Predictable Monthly Pricing

When you choose a SaaS cloud ERP system like Acumatica, you enjoy fixed monthly costs for software, upgrades and maintenance. Adding functionality and applications is super easy. Another huge benefit of Acumatica is you get unlimited users at the same price. IT becomes a stable operational cost, not a huge capital expenditure that fluctuates constantly. It’s liberating!

Are you ready for an ERP system?

Let’s find out.

Rockton Connect will help you assess your needs, run a cost analysis and see if an ERP system will add value to your business right now. Selling people something they don’t need has never been our thing.

We will discuss pros and cons of the leading ERP systems, what you can really expect with an implementation, and demonstrate how Acumatica works. If we’re a fit, awesome! If we’re not, that’s okay too. The important thing is getting you on the right path.

Call us any time at 877-4-ROCKTON, or fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch very soon to answer all your questions.

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