Migrating On-Premise ERP to Cloud ERP

The right partner makes all the difference.

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Migrating an on-premise ERP system to Acumatica Cloud ERP offers undeniable IT and infrastructure cost savings to small and mid-sized businesses. But what about the security of your data in the cloud? What if the internet goes down? How much time and money can you really save with a SaaS ERP solution?

All great questions that we answer every day for businesses considering cloud ERP. And the answer isn’t cut and dry. The first step is to find an experienced partner who can help you consider all your options before making any decisions and then build a project plan that ensures the process is efficient, smooth and affordable.

What kind of cloud is right for you?

If you’re new to the whole cloud thing, you may not know that the cloud is not one-size-fits-all. Acumatica doesn’t lock you into their data centers so you have choices of where you want your ERP software and data to live. We’ll help you choose a cloud infrastructure that fits your needs and budget.

Public Cloud

The most affordable option and perfect for many businesses who aren’t restricted by how and where your data and servers need to be hosted. Timely upgrades of your Acumatica software are include with hosting and you get the superior power and reliability of Amazon Web Services which provides all the hardware, security, backup, etc. in their data centers.

Private Cloud

A cloud option for companies who must comply with restrictions such as regulatory compliance or data privacy. A private cloud can be set up, managed and maintained by you or you can choose a private cloud through a hosting provider similar to a public cloud. Bottom line is you get to dictate how and where your data is hosted, giving you more control.

Hybrid Cloud

Want to put your software on a public cloud, some data on a private cloud and store some on-premise? No problem at all. Your cloud can be designed around a wide variety of unique needs.

Benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP vs. On-Premise ERP

Reduced IT Costs And Staff

With Acumatica Cloud ERP, you eliminate hefty costs to buy, maintain and support hardware. Your software updates are all taken care of and with Rockton Connect’s monthly plan for onboarding, services and support, IT becomes a predictable operating cost, not a budget buster.


Unlimited Users, One Monthly Price

Acumatica’s SaaS licensing includes unlimited users for the same price every single month. Your pricing is determined on resource usage, not users which is unheard of in ERP. No surprises. No extra BS fees. No stressing about how you’re going to afford it.


24x7 Mobile Access

This is a very big deal for every business, especially today. Remove the barriers of on-premise systems with anytime, anywhere access to ERP. All you need is an internet connection to work just like you were in your office. Your employees and customers will thank you!


Stronger Security

The biggest concern many have about the cloud is actually one of the biggest benefits. SMBs just don’t have the money or resources to put into security like Acumatica and cloud hosting providers. Your data is often safer and easier to recover in the cloud than DIY security.

Integration And Open Apis

Unlike legacy systems, cloud ERP is built for easy integration with third-party applications and external data sources. Plus, Acumatica takes it a step further and shares their APIs so you can customize apps and integrations for tons of stuff without hiring expensive developers.


Growing businesses need an ERP system that can grow with you. With Acumatica, you’re not locked into anything and pricing is based on resources (not users) so you are only paying for what you need, and only as you need it. It’s the most scalable, modular cloud ERP out there.

Modern UI

Put your assets to work for you with complete visibility across your business. Track assets, apply multiple depreciation calculations and schedules and evaluate tax and reporting scenarios.

Automatic Backups And Disaster Recovery

SMBs don’t always have adequate (or any) plans should disaster strike. That’s a huge risk to your data and your business! The cloud provides a built-in recovery solution for data stored off-site so you can access and recover your data from anywhere, in minutes, without missing a beat.

Maximum Performance

Unless you are consistently investing money in hardware upgrades, you’ve likely noticed your speed now resembles molasses. The Acumatica Cloud is designed to handle thousands of transactions an hour so you never sacrifice power or performance.

Common Systems We Migrate to Acumatica

Whether you are migrating a different cloud ERP or legacy on-premises ERP to Acumatica, the process is the same. We keep it simple, structured and streamlined.

Our decades of ERP and development experience, combined with our effective ERP onboarding methodology and customization expertise, means we are a trusted partner and advisor you can depend on to do it right the first time.


  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • Sage Software (Accpac)

Want honest answers and advice about migrating to Acumatica Cloud ERP?

We’re not here to sell you on cloud ERP because we don’t know if it’s really right for your business until we can listen to your challenges, goals and budget.

What we are here to do is help you through it so you make the best decisions. Bring us your questions and concerns!

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