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our erp implementation methodology rocks

One thing you’ll like about Rockton Connect is we are transparent and straightforward. You may not always like what we have to say, but 99% of time you’ll appreciate that we said it anyway. Because our ERP onboarding methodology is structured solidly around giving you the most impactful system by the most knowledgeable team at the most affordable price.

Moving to an ERP system can be one of the best investments you can make to grow your business. It really is. However, choosing the wrong partner can be the worst. It’s a challenging process and you want to find the right fit for your culture and your end goals. It’s so important to us that you choose the right partner and the right solution (even if it’s not us) that it is the first conversation we’ll have together.

  • Is your business ready for this?
  • Are your people ready for this?
  • Do you have the budget for this?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Is Acumatica the right solution?
  • Is Rockton Connect the right partner?

We will help you through all these questions and more as the first part of our discovery process to make sure you are making a confident decision. We will provide you a quote for your all-inclusive monthly price that includes onboarding, monthly service hours and unlimited support. If we are your partner of choice (and we sure hope we are), here’s what you can expect from the Rockton Connect onboarding process and team.

1. Discovery

Continuing the discovery process is where we learn all about your dreams, your nightmares and everything in between. We look at your processes across different departments, your existing technology, your data, your users, your goals, your requirements, your wish lists and a lot of stuff you probably hadn’t thought of. You will have to be completely honest and will be glad when it’s over because now you’re super excited just to get your system. Stay involved in the discovery process because it is extremely important and valuable. This is how we are able to help you make meaningful, impactful improvements a little later.

2. Planning

The only thing more important than the discovery process is the plan. We’ll sit down and go through our findings from discovery, make recommendations and set realistic expectations. We’ll talk through customizations, process improvement, potential issues, resource requirements, what we will and will not be migrating and all the details. You’ll learn what is expected on your end, and what you can expect from us, so we hold each other accountable every step of the way. The end result will be a project plan with clear milestones to get you to your end goal as efficiently and affordably as possible.

3. Migration

Migration is scary for a lot of businesses. You may have years of data scattered about that you think you need to bring into your new system. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We encourage you to think of your new Acumatica ERP system as FRESH START! It is very expensive to re-transact old data and risks breaking your shiny new system. Don’t worry, we will go over all that and make sure you feel comfortable with any decisions you make. We want to make sure that you aren’t bringing bad data, bad processes and bad habits over. It keeps migration not so scary after all and it’s actually a great exercise to take a good hard look at where you are going, not get stuck on where you’ve been.

4. Testing

Though we try to make every ERP implementation as fun as possible, this is where you will really feel the progress. You get to go in and test your new system! In fact, we want you to try to break it so we can get all those bugs worked out before you go live. Not to be a downer, but while you are having fun, you’ll also be working hard. This process involves dedicated time and energy to test the system, document changes and work with us on solutions. Technology is never perfect, but we aim to get it pretty darn close.

5. Training

Training is actually happening through every step of our ERP onboarding methodology, but we want to make sure before you go live, you are feeling great about it. Poor user adoption is the ultimate wrecking ball to an ERP investment. One of the other great things about Acumatica is their dedication to user training. They have a huge library of webinars, videos, documents and built-in guidance to get users trained on their own terms. And Rockton Connect is right by your side until we here less “I don’t get it.” and more “That’s so awesome!” 

6. It's Show Time, Baby!

The day will come for you to go live with your Acumatica system (and you will be so happy steps one through five are OVER). This is where you get to see the rewards for all that hard work and commitment. We’ll make sure everything is ready to launch as seamlessly and disruption-free as possible, and be there to resolve any issues if they arise. Now, as you can guess if you’ve talked to anyone that has implemented an ERP system in the history of ERP systems—things can, and probably will, go wrong. They are usually small and fixable but the key is to be prepared, not panic, and have an experienced partner like Rockton Connect there to jump on it like yesterday. And if things go off without a hitch (hey, it really does happen with Acumatica!), we will be celebrating with you like nobody’s business.

7. Ongoing Improvements

Rockton Connect wants to make sure Acumatica is a dynamic asset for your business, not static “set it and forget it” software. That’s why we build service hours into your monthly plan. This frees you (and us) to always be innovating and working on improving your systems and processes. Just like technology, your business will change over time so this gives you a stress-free way to tackle that wish list without surprise costs. We even let you roll your service hours from month to month and bank them for bigger projects to make it that much easier.

8. UNLIMITED Support

Yes, we really do give you unlimited support included in your all-up monthly price. And no, we are not crazy. Why do we do this? Because we want you to actually USE your system. Sharing our knowledge expertise and guidance is why we are in business. No kidding, we’re serious about being your partner for life. Plus, you know, after the implementation we start missing you guys.



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