Acumatica Support

Support without limits or extra costs (aka, unlimited support)

acumatica support

You know when you call an attorney, or your accountant, or even other software partners and your heart starts racing? Every time you need help or have a question it could cost you hundreds of dollars. Multiply that across all your employees and it adds up fast!

You’ll never experience support anxiety with Rockton Connect. Ever.

Unlimited support means every Acumatica user in your company has access to our amazing Acumatica support team to get the help they need, when they need, at no extra cost. It just makes things easier for you, for us, for everyone.

Your Rockton Connect Monthly Price Includes…


• Discovery and Planning
• Data Migration
• Configuration
• Testing
• Training

Monthly Service Hours

• Consultation
• Customizations
• Process optimization
• Development
• Integrations

Unlimited Support

• Troubleshooting
• Technical support
• Q&A
• How-to
• Experienced specialists

Acumatica Training on Your Terms

The best thing about choosing Acumatica Cloud ERP is that your need for support is substantially reduced with the best training in the industry.

Open University is Acumatica’s eLearning portal. It provides hundreds of self-paced online training videos and engaging courses to help users learn on their own time and terms.

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Video Instruction
  • Hands-on Practice
  • Admin User Access
  • Short Quizzes
  • Embedded eTraining

How We Keep Your ERP Optimized and Users Engaged

There are several reasons we choose to include Acumatica ERP onboarding, services and unlimited support at one monthly price. It’s not because we’re too lazy to build a bunch of service packages. We just believe ERP should be as easy and affordable as possible.


acumatica support

Maximum ERP Performance

Technology changes way too fast for most companies to keep up with. That’s where our monthly service hours are a huge asset for growing businesses. We are continuously working to improve your system to keep you on the cutting edge.

acumatica support

Maximum User Adoption

Keeping your users engaged and excited about ERP isn’t always easy. Our all-inclusive services and support approach frees users to make helpful recommendations, learn new ways to make work easier, and eliminate time-consuming workarounds.

acumatica support

Maximum ROI

ERP will likely be one of the biggest investments you make and it should be a long-term solution, not a short-term fix. Acumatica and Rockton Connect are both uniquely dedicated to make sure your investment is driving growth and success far beyond implementation.

The problem with support packages or tiers or plans or whatever others want to call them is—you ultimately have to keep track of all that to make sure you stay within the limits. Otherwise, it costs you big.

How many tickets or hours or calls do you get?
Is that weekly? Monthly? Annually?
Did Bob in Sales really just waste a call on that?!

There are often so many rules and restrictions it’ll make your head hurt. We don’t want your head, or anything else, to hurt. We think ERP support should be painless, stress-free and UNLIMITED.

Learn More About Rockton Connect’s Acumatica Expertise


Acumatica ERP Services

Why on earth would we give clients one monthly price for Acumatica ERP onboarding, services and support? It might be crazy, but you’re going to love it.

Acumatica Customizations

Twenty years of ERP development experience means we can customize about anything in Acumatica, but we make sure it’s a smart decision first.

Acumatica Onboarding

From our very first conversation, you’ll appreciate that we listen more than we talk. Your onboarding is designed around your needs, not ours.

Meet Our Team

Technology can be so impersonal, can’t it? Not with us. Meet the leaders of the Rockton Connect family with a talent for technology and a passion for people.

Doesn’t unlimited Acumatica support sound fantastic?

When you’re evaluating Acumatica ERP partners, you might not think about starting with the end in mind. Beyond implementation, how will this team support you? And how much will it cost you?

We’re happy to walk through our all-inclusive monthly price because it’s quite different than anything you might have encountered before from an ERP partner.

Give us a call at 877-4-ROCKTON, stop by our office or just send us a quick message and we’ll be in touch!

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