Acumatica Customization Services

We can customize Acumatica to do just about anything, but we may advise you not to.

Why would a team of 20-year ERP development experts advise you NOT to go crazy with customizations? Lots of reasons, actually.

  1. Customizations can get really expensive.
  2. Customizations can break with upgrades.
  3. Customizations need constant maintenance.
  4. Customizations aren’t always necessary.

Could we sell you on all kinds of customizations that would cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars? Sure could. Will we? Absolutely not. How we differ from many ERP partners is we are more interested in helping you save money than cashing in on a big pay day for ourselves.

That said, you will likely need customizations in any ERP system. Luckily, Acumatica Cloud ERP is a very flexible platform and Rockton Connect has decades of proven development experience. We just want to make sure you aren’t over customizing your new system.

Here’s how we approach customizations.

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Customizations: Cost vs. Value

The true cost of customizations is higher than you might think. They cost and time and money upfront to create. Then, when you update or upgrade your software, you risk spending even more money to tweak those customizations to work with the upgrade (or re-create them entirely). That’s why we step back when we hear the word customization and first want to listen to what you want and advise you on pros, cons, costs and value.

What’s your end goal?

The first step is to talk about what you are really trying to get out of the customization. What does it need to help you accomplish and why? Are you just changing it because it’s what you’ve always done?

Are there alternative solutions?

Sometimes, Acumatica can do what you are wanting, just in a different way. Sometimes, there is a third-party solution that can do what you are wanting at much less cost. And, sometimes, you just need a customization.

What’s the cost vs. value?

This is the important part. For larger customizations, we will do a cost analysis to show you what the customization will cost you now and long-term versus the value you could get from it. This helps you make the best decision.

Should you customize your system or change your processes?

Bear with us. We know what you’ve heard for years and years. “You shouldn’t have to change your business to fit your software!” What we are about to say requires a big shift in thinking. Here goes…changing your processes to fit your software can sometimes be the best thing you can do and here’s why.

Breaking out of the “but we’ve always done it that way” mindset is tough. When you go through the process of an ERP implementation, you’ll be forced to think through the processes and systems you have in place to see if there is a better, faster, easier way to do it. That might mean simply changing the way you do things as an organization. That might mean customizing your software. Either way, something has to change.

Here’s the question. Would you rather change a simple step or spend thousands of dollars to build and maintain and possibly re-create a customization in your system? Can Jenny in sales live with a field that says “Memo” instead of “Note” if it saves a bunch of money and frustration later? The decision is ultimately yours. Our job is to make sure you know ALL your options and costs so you get the best outcomes.

acumatica customization services streamline workflows

What can we customize in Acumatica?

The short answer is there isn’t much we can’t customize in Acumatica. We’ve built advanced development expertise and methodologies over two decades and sometimes we still impress ourselves with what we can help our clients do.


  • Streamline workflows
  • Automate processes and tasks
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Change screen layouts
  • Improve navigation
  • Import data from other systems
  • Create entire business modules

How Rockton Connect makes Acumatica customizations affordable.

Because customizations are often needed—from simple to complex—we build service hours into your monthly plan so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs to keep your Acumatica system running at optimal performance. We build in these hours because life changes. Technology changes. And your business does too. Your ERP solution should be evolving with you, providing value every step of the way. A new ERP system isn’t just a once-and-done event. We partner with you to improve it, every day, for life.

 These service hours don’t always have to be used for “customizations” or relate to development at all. They can be used to consult with us on how to improve your processes or build your business or lots of other things we can help with.

Want to talk about a customization in Acumatica (or anything else)?

We love talking ERP and development or even about the beautiful weather or your kid’s soccer game last weekend.

The easiest way to find out more about Acumatica and all you can (or shouldn’t) customize in it is to give us a shout at 877-4-ROCKTON.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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