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One price for onboarding, services and unlimited support.
Some think we’re crazy. We just think it’s the right thing to do.

hands up for our acumatica erp services

Hands down, what sets Acumatica apart in the ERP world is letting you pay one predictable, monthly price for unlimited users. That’s a huge advantage for a growing business. You shouldn’t have to draw straws to see who on the team has to sell a kidney to buy the ERP system.

Now that you’ve saved your money (and maybe an organ or two) by choosing Acumatica’s pay-for-what-you-need monthly price, why would you be okay with a software partner who missed the memo? Unless you like getting a bunch of invoices for every little call, tweak or email? It just doesn’t make sense to us. That’s why we approach things differently than most ERP partners.

Rockton Connect keeps things super simple with the same all-inclusive, pay by the month approach.

Your monthly price includes:


Full Onboarding of Acumatica ERP



A generous block of service hours each month you can use consulting and training


UNLIMITED support by phone or email

In addition to saving you money with our monthly pricing, we structure our entire ERP onboarding methodology around saving you time and even more money. We won’t be taking any big vacations to Italy on your dime, but we hope to earn your business for life and that’s the best reward we could ask for.

What else can we do to maximize your investment in Acumatica?


Migrating Your Existing Systems to Acumatica

One of the biggest concerns you may have about choosing any new ERP solution is migrating your existing systems, data and processes into a new system. Yes, it can be challenging. Yes, it takes some work. But, rest assured, the Rockton Connect team excels at making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Another way we are a little different than most? We will walk through your processes, workflows and data with you to make sure you aren’t just transferring bad or unnecessary stuff into a new system. There are a lot of reasons we do it this way, but the most important thing to know is that it ultimately saves you a lot of time, fees and headaches now and down the road.

Migrating On-Premise ERP to Cloud Acumatica ERP

Transitioning to the cloud from an on-premises ERP system is really exciting because of the advantages you see very quickly. Not to mention the relief of no longer having to maintain extra hardware or your ERP software updates.

We want moving to the cloud to be liberating and more of a shift in thinking than technology. In fact, maybe you can take that trip to Italy because you could certainly access your Acumatica ERP system (not that you should).

Replacing QuickBooks Enterprise

Many Acumatica customers come from QuickBooks Enterprise because it’s affordable and a great little accounting system for startups and small businesses. Who didn’t start out on QuickBooks?

However, as your company grows and you go from hearing “This is so easy!” to “If I have to use this one more day I’m quitting.” – it might be time to invest in a true financial management system.

Other Common Systems We Migrate to Acumatica

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software benefits every industry and is also available in these industry editions:

As legacy software ages, it becomes harder to get updates, enhancements and support. If the software isn’t getting attention, neither is your business. Cloud isn’t the future of ERP anymore—it’s the present.

Let us help you explore what a day in your life could be in the cloud. With Rockton Connect, you get decades of ERP and development experience, a simplified ERP onboarding methodology and our commitment to ongoing service and support.


  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • Sage Software (Accpac)

Acumatica Customizations

Every ERP system is likely to need some level of customization to fit your business. And luckily Acumatica makes it possible to do it. However, we approach customizations just like everything else we do. Instead of thinking of the big payday for thousands of dollars in development work, we think of how we can save you time and money by minimizing the customizations you should make.

Want to learn more about Rockton Connect’s ERP Services for Acumatica?

We’re here to answer any questions you have and provide more information about our Acumatica onboarding, services and support.

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