Acumatica Distribution Management Suite

The cloud ERP solution Distributors have always asked for, but way better.

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The wholesale distribution industry has evolved so much over recent years, no wonder distributors are having a hard time finding an ERP solution that has evolved with it. Acumatica is constantly adapting to the modern distribution model with unmatched scalability to help you compete on a global level without adding more software, costs and licenses.

The Acumatica Distribution Management Suite seamlessly integrates and optimizes your supply chain operations—in real time. You can manage it all from financials to inventory to orders (and literally every point in between) in one solution.

You also get built-in CRM, BI and a full-featured WMS. You can easily integrate with other applications like Acumatica Manufacturing ERP and others. Use Acumatica’s shared APIs to build affordable extensions and applications on your own.

Add the Acumatica advantage of UNLIMITED users at one monthly price, and this is a distribution ERP solution that just can’t be beat.

How will the Acumatica Distribution Management Suite take you to the next level?

  • Gain real-time visibility across the entire business
  • Easily manage inventory, discounts and rebates
  • Optimize your supply chain from end to end
  • Automate the quote to order process
  • Know your true costs to improve profitability
  • Simplify purchasing and order management
  • Connect people, departments and locations
  • Strengthen customer and supplier relationships
  • Integrate with CRM and other applications
  • Work 24×7 from any device or location
  • Make better decisions to grow your business
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Need an all-in-one distribution management solution?

You’ve come to the right place because the Acumatica Distribution Edition includes everything you need to run a successful, streamlined distributorship and more. You not only get time back in your day, you’ll save a nice chunk of change you can use to grow your business.

Advanced Inventory Management

Get the real-time picture of your inventory across warehouses with advanced features like multiple valuation methods, lot and serial numbering, bin/location control, expiration dates and automated purchase orders.

Sales Order Management

Ready to delight every customer? Acumatica centralizes your sales order management so you can accelerate everything including quotes, orders, fulfillment, shipping, tracking, promotions and customer service.

Requisition Management

Trade complex, paper-based purchasing headaches into streamlined, integrated requisition management. Handle it all-multiple vendors, inventory, bids, bundles, purchase orders, budgets, approvals-in one spot.

Purchase orders in Acumatica Distribution Management Suite

Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders are typically a costly bottleneck for distributors. Not with Acumatica! Wait until you see how much faster and easier we make the entire procurement and order process.

WMS in Acumatica Distribution Management Suite

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With Acumatica, there’s no need for an expensive third-party WMS. Make your warehouse efficient, reduce human error and expedite orders. Works with your barcode scanners and EDI software.

Advanced Financial Management

With integrated financial management, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the insight needed to control costs, boost profits and make smart decisions in every aspect of your business.


Customer Self-Service Portal


24x7 Mobility


Custom Dashboards

Shared APIs

Rockton Connect Specializes in Expert Service and Support for Acumatica Cloud ERP Software

Are you a Food Distributor?

Food Distributors are in for an extra treat with Rockton Connect. Explore Acumatica food distribution ERP software  with our advanced tools for pricing management and rebate management .

Ready to see the Acumatica Distribution Management Suite in action?

See how real-time inventory management works in tandem with automated order management and financial management.

Can you really streamline your entire quote to order process? How will the built-in WMS calm the chaos in your warehouse?

If you want an ERP solution for distributors that includes it all for one monthly price, a demo is the best way to see if Acumatica is right for you.

Not ready for a demo? Just give us a call at 877-4-ROCKTON or fill out this handy form and we will call you to answer all your questions.

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