Rebate Management for Food Distributors

Put rebates on auto drive so you account for every penny, every time.

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Two of the top reasons food distributors lose revenue are inaccurate pricing and mismanaged rebates. Unfortunately, most ERP systems don’t get the unique complexities of rebate management in food distribution. That’s why we developed the Rockton Pricing Management solution. Margins are too tight in the food biz to leave money on the table.

The secret sauce to our rebate management solution is automation and ERP integration. When you are manually tracking rebates, it opens you up to costly errors and lost revenue. Plus, trying to keep up with the complicated rebate trail is so frustratingly time consuming!

We built in automated workflows and triggers so you get a much-needed break from daily tasks. You can integrate rebate management, pricing management, financial management, customer and supplier management and overall business management. This means you can set up any type of rebate program, price list and payment structure—and then put it on automatic.

Why Food Distributors Choose
Acumatica Cloud ERP with Built-in Pricing and Rebate Management

  • Proactively manage and track complex rebate programs in one spot
  • Set up multiple rebate price lists by item, customer or promotion
  • Integrate rebates with accounting and invoicing
  • Keep customers happy with accurate, timely payouts
  • Stay on top of vendor receivables
  • Drive more revenue with special marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Improve margins and cash flow
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How to Drive More Revenue with Rebates

boost sales with rebate management

Boost Sales

Rebates are an excellent way to incentivize sales through special discounts, promotions, and deals. Use Acumatica’s integrated CRM to create marketing campaigns that drive results and revenue. 

Provide Accurate Pricing

Because Rockton’s pricing and rebate management tool includes the ability to apply date-driven pricing, it’s easy to set up offers and lists for any time frame and automatically calculate pricing for any item, vendor, discount or scenario. 

Track Vendor Receivables

A deal isn’t much of a deal if your suppliers and partners don’t keep their end of the bargain. Since your rebate management can synch with accounting, you’ll know exactly what, why and when you pay and get paid. 

Ensure Timely Payouts

You know how to keep customers happy?
1) keep your word and
2) show them the money.
Now you can make sure every customer, group and rep receives accurate payments and you can reconcile all your rebate transactions.

Automate Rebate Management

Automate Rebate Management

Integrating Rockton Pricing Management with Acumatica means you get an end-to-end solution that cohesively manages all aspects of rebates—pricing, commissions, receivables, payouts and more—in one centralized system. 

get realtime visibility with rebate management

Gain Real-time Visibility

How are rebates affecting your bottom line? Where can you remove bottlenecks or negotiate better pricing? In Acumatica, you can track and analyze any KPI in visual dashboards giving managers deeper insight to make better decisions.

Get Even More Benefits with Acumatica Cloud ERP


Another way Acumatica saves food distributors money is by giving you an unlimited number of users at the same monthly price. We bet you can find better ways to spend your money than on expensive software licenses.

24x7x365 Access

With ERP in the cloud, you give users the freedom to be productive in the office, in the warehouse, on-site with customers, at a trade show, across the globe—literally anywhere. All you need is an internet connection to take care of business.


What makes Rockton Connect unique as a partner is that we also give you the affordability and predictability of one monthly price for ERP onboarding, services and support. It’s all included so there are no surprises. Ever.

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