Pricing Revenue Management Software
for Food Distributors

Can you really calculate and create any price list in a couple of minutes? Sure can.

Whether you manage 100 items or a million items, pricing and revenue management has always been a pain for food distributors. Margins are so extraordinarily tight that accurate pricing is crucial to making any money at all. Not many companies have to deal with your weekly (or even daily) price fluctuations, strange taxes and let’s not get started on how uniquely complicated rebate management is in the food industry.

Tired of manually re-creating, re-calculating and re-distributing your price lists for every change, discount, commission, promotion and customer?

Of course you are! Why would you want to waste time you don’t have? We’ve taken the pain out of pricing for good with our Rockton Pricing Management solution. It’s integrated with Acumatica and automates pricing calculations for any scenario or adjustment. You create your base price list and exceptions and the tool automatically calculates and creates any price list you need.

Man happy with pricing revenue management software

Why Food Distributors Need
Acumatica Cloud ERP with Rockton Pricing Management

Staff using pricing revenue management software
  • Manage pricing for any number of items with ease
  • Automatically calculate complex pricing scenarios
  • Simplify price lists from creation to calculations
  • Get the right pricing any time, every time
  • Set up any special pricing adjustments and offsets
  • Deliver real-time, accurate pricing to customers
  • Centralize all your pricing in one spot
  • Easily search, filter and organize your price lists

Automated, Accurate Pricing is Just a Few Clicks Away

dynamic pricing revenue management software

Automated Dynamic Pricing

No more setting up a “Price Level” for each item or customer. Now, you set up a scenario one time and let the pricing tool do all the calculations and hard work for you automatically.

date driven pricing revenue management software

Date-Driven Pricing

Who gets the job of changing prices at midnight on the weekend? No more. Just assign valid date ranges to price lists so you always get the right pricing at the right time, any day and every day.

simplified pricing revenue management software

Simplified Price Lists

Create and centralize all your price lists within one place with easy tools to search, filter and organize all your lists really fast. Get accurate pricing to your customers in seconds.

Full Rebate Management

Our tool includes rebate management so you never leave money on the table because you forgot to collect on a rebate downstream. Improve margins with our rebate management tool.

Unlimited Adjustments

Commissions, rebates, offsets, taxes, promotions, discounts by unit of measure—it doesn’t matter how you need to adjust your pricing, we make it fast, easy and automatic.

Easy Cataloging

Because all your price lists are centralized and updated, creating lists for your website or for customers is super simple. In a couple of clicks, you can generate an accurate list in a couple of clicks.

How Rockton Pricing Management Software Works

Most food distributors are tasked with managing multiple price lists. For example, you may have pricing for 10,000 items at two pricing tiers. The first list of 10,000 items has a base price. The second list has 10,000 items repeated, with each price manually (yuck, manually) adjusted by 5%. Now you are managing 20,000 lines separately. One change throws the whole thing out of whack and you have to do it all over again.

With Rockton Pricing Management for Acumatica, here’s how easy it is:

  1. You create one price list of 10,000 items (your “base” price list).
  2. You set up a simple calculation that says pricing for this list should be calculated at 5% more than that list over there.
  3. Boom. Done.

And if you want, you can set up that 5% as a “tracked” adjustment (meaning you want to track it to the GL). You now have lots of transparency as to what’s happening with all facets of a sales price.

This is a very basic, but common, example of how our pricing revenue management software works. If you’ve got more than two different pricing variables or lists, and chances are you do, then the wheels are probably turning as you calculate the time and errors you will save with this one solution alone.

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