Connect your cannabis business with one solution from seed to sale.

At Rockton Connect, we offer premier cannabis and hemp business software – along with customized services and unlimited support.

Why do companies choose to work with Rockton Connect? It might be our 20+ years of ERP expertise. Perhaps it’s because we believe in giving you a fixed monthly price for everything including onboarding, service hours and UNLIMITED support. Maybe it’s because our passion is building relationships, not revenue.

Rather than focus on selling technology, we focus on solving problems for people. With us, you’re not buying software—you’re gaining a partner for life. You get strategic minds, creative thinkers, honest conversations, and a splash of fun. You get extras, not egos. And you get a whole team of business, technical and accounting specialists who literally can’t sleep at night until we’ve made your life easier.

Tired of making decisions based on spreadsheets with 72 columns of nonsense? Want to track your profitability in real time? Do you hear Sue in accounting cursing QuickBooks every day? Ready to trade paper for modern automation and mobility? Is it time to invest in your customer experience? Whatever brought you to us today, we welcome you to the family and invite you to explore what makes Rockton Connect special.

acumatica Cloud ERP

What is Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Just getting started? Learn what makes Acumatica the leading ERP solution for growing businesses including integrated functionality you can scale to fit, unlimited users, 24×7 cloud access and so much more.

How much is acumatica Cloud ERP

How much is Acumatica?

With Acumatica’s monthly price for unlimited users and pay-for-what-you-use functionality—and Rockton Connect’s monthly price for full onboarding, services and unlimited support—ERP is more affordable than ever.

do you need acumatica Cloud ERP

Why Rockton Connect?

Your ERP partner should listen more than they talk, provide honest answers and transparency no matter what, and help you save time and money. That’s why our customers realize quickly we bring a lot more than technology to the table.

Rockton Pricing Management for Acumatica

Calculate and create any price list in minutes.

With Rockton Pricing Management, automated, accurate pricing is just a few clicks away!

RPM – as we like to call it – works with any ERP and is Acumatica-certified for seamless integration. Let’s say you’ve been tasked with managing multiple price lists. RPM allows you to create a base price list and set up a simple calculation for how the pricing of that list should be calculated relative to another, and… well, that’s it. You’re done! In minutes, you can have access to automated dynamic pricing, date-driven pricing, and simplified price lists for all your customers. Plus, with full rebate management, you’ll never leave money on the table again.

Learn more about the most flexible, powerful, multi-platform pricing solution on the market!

Rockton Connect Industry Expertise And Solutions

Solving complex industry challenges happens to be our specialty. We tailor ERP for the most demanding industry requirements and develop integrated applications to optimize your business from end to end.

Medical Devices

Need to get your products to market faster and easier? We empower medical device manufacturers with visibility, traceability and efficiency across your supply chain.

Food Distribution

Want a bigger piece of the pie? Of course you do! Learn how we help food distributors improve margins, accuracy and pricing whether you have 10 items or 10 million.

Pricing Management

Wish you could calculate and create any price list for any scenario in a couple of minutes? Find out how you can make complex pricing easy, accurate, and automated.

Rebate Management

Ready to make more money? Our rebate management solution takes the crazy, chaotic world of food industry rebates and automates the whole process for you.

Why Companies Choose Rockton Connect For Onboarding, Services And Support

Choosing the right partner to maximize your technology investments is as (or more) important as the software itself. Here’s how our decades of expertise and unbeatable monthly pricing makes ERP faster, easier and more affordable.

Acumatica ERP Services

We approach everything differently around here. For starters, our one monthly price for onboarding, services and support means nobody has to sell an organ to afford ERP.

acumatica Cloud ERP customization

Acumatica Customization

Just because we can customize about anything in ERP, doesn’t mean we should. Here’s how and why we minimize customizations to save you time, money and future headaches.

Acumatica Experts

If technology had a personality, it would be us. We’re not afraid to be different, in the best way. Get to know a few of the characters responsible for our culture of honesty, passion and family.

Migrating To Acumatica Cloud ERP

Whether you are transitioning from an existing on-premise or Cloud ERP system, entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks or no system at all—we make the transition smooth and stress-free.


Migrating On-Premise ERP to Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Replacing QuickBooks Enterprise?


Ready to learn more about Acumatica or Rockton Connect Solutions and Services?

If there’s one thing you won’t get with Rockton Connect, it’s pressure.

Got questions? Ask away.

Need pricing? No problem.

Want a demo? You got it.

Let us know how we can help and we’re on it.

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